Meredith Farkas is Wikitastic

So, I was about 15 minutes into Meredith's webcast on Wikis and libraries, when my aggregator's notifer beeps me to tell me there are new posts to check out.  One of them was from Meredith's blog, Information Wants To Be Free.  The webcast isn't even over, and she's got all her links set up already!  If you missed the webconference, check out the post.

Great job, Meredith.  It was a great introduction to wikis for those unfamiliar with them.  I hope you'll make the presentation slides available online, too.

I'm still having a hard time, though, imagining a use for wikis in amedical library.

Having grown up in Minnesota, I was entertained that Meredith said during the webcast that she had "no idea" where Bemidji State was.  No worries, some Minnesotans don't know, either.  See links below:

City of Bemidji
Bemidji on a Google Map

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