So, I loved Librarything from the first moment I heard about it, but was bothered that it only covered books.

Just tried out GuruLib today. Still in Beta and a little cludgy, it seems a bit like a Librarything that can include DVDs and music

Still thinking about the neat things that could be done with this if they continue to improve the interface.  Worth checking out. 

Also interesting: Is it just me, or is the login area clearly modelled after Google login boxes?

6 thoughts on “GuruLib

  1. Hello David,
    Thank you for using GuruLib. The website was developed by my Wife and I. It will be my pleasure to know your suggestion to improve the features on this website.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rana Basheer

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  3. Just writing to let you know that LibraryThing will be adding the ability to catalog other media (movies, music) later this summer. We’d love any suggestions or ideas as to how and what should be implemented…

    Abby Blachly (LibraryThing’s Librarian)

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