Freemind: MindMapping Freeware

I'm not so impressed with Gliffy, but I am delighted with this piece of freeware.

Here's the sort of thing it lets you build (Click around with it a bit to see how it can expand and contract)

The interface is intuitive and sensible. Just to try it out, I started mapping out my job responsibilities, and discovered that the way the program works really helped me flesh out what I do and what I WANT to do.

I found this hugely useful and helpful in organizing my thoughts, and can imagine using it as a tool to help communicate my ideas to others. Also interested in making use of it as a navigation tool…but need to think about that further.One last bonus: it runs off a USB thumbdrive.

One thought on “Freemind: MindMapping Freeware

  1. I downloaded the mind mapping software. I hope it will provide me with lots of insight too. Have you revisited this lately since original post in 06?