NEXGENLIB Wiki Coolness

So there was some abusive behavior going on at the NEXGENLIB-L ListServ, and the former moderators seemed to have abandoned the list, so a number of its members started a new one in Google Groups in hopes that with restrained moderators actually being present, the community (made up overwhemingly of pleasant and helpful young libraryfolk) could continue in a helpful manner.  Within a few hours, about 40 members had migrated over and started building up their new community.

That's not even the coolest part.

The coolest part is that the community started discussing if they should have a website and what the website should do.

Said one member: "we could use it to store useful information, links, advice and other things new librarians might find useful. In creating a site together, we would have a collaborative effort that could add to overall group cohesion."

Said another member: "How about a Wiki, then?"

BAM!  The NEXGENLIB Wiki was born and is actually developing pretty quickly for being a few hours old.

Neat, huh?

One thought on “NEXGENLIB Wiki Coolness

  1. So glad to hear about the new list. I subscribed for a while, but finally had to unsubscribe as the nastiness & pettiness was taking up WAY too much of my time. Time to check it out again!