How to: Limit PubMed Feed to Articles Not Ahead of Print

We've covered how to create a custom feed from PubMed, but Medical Librarian Linda Schwartz writes:

…the present system we are trialing sends out the TOCs before we actually have access to the fulltext because some journals are only available in print or embargoed electronically and take a while to before we can actually provide the full text to the requester. Right now, there is no way to keep the TOCs for journals that come in slowly from being pushed if the TOC is published first. We'd rather wait until we have the print/access in our hands before sending out TOCs so requesters would get their requests in a timely fashion (via Linkout if available and we won't have to keep a file of requests waiting until the print shows up).  Of course, we'd like to do this without having to filter all the TOCs through a staff member before routing to the users. Do you see a way that RSS would solve this problem?  [David's emphasis added]

In pursuit of an answer to Linda's question, I did something that was (if I may be permitted to toot my own horn on my own blog), extremely clever:  I asked the NLM.

NLM answers:

You can search "NOT pubstatusaheadofprint."

Have I mentioned recently that I love the NLM?

I tested this out and it seems to work well.

Please note this additional cautionary note from the NLM, though:

…we don't recommend this as you will be excluding the very latest additions to the database.  We have found that links to online full-text of a large majority of ahead of print articles are usually available in PubMed within 48 hours.For example, as of this writing, there are 52,954 ahead of print items in PubMed.  Of these, 52,871 have links to online full text.

 So, it isn't for everyone or all circumstances, but this might work very well for Linda.  Or maybe you. 

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