How to: Create a PubMed RSS Feed for 30 Journals

Marilyn, a Medical Reference Librarian in New York State, writes to ask how she can set up a single RSS feed to cover 30 different journals for one patron in PubMed.

I thought this topic had been covered, but I can see in the archives that I missed a good chance to touch on this earlier.  My apologies to Marilyn.  When you get to PubMed…

  1. Click on the Limits tab.
  2. Click the Add Journal button and enter in the Journal you want included in your RSS feed
  3. Click Add Another Journal
  4. Enter another Journal name
  5. Click Add Another Journal
  6. Repeat steps four and five another 28 times


Then follow the instructions on generating a feed that were detailed in this previous post.

I did try it out, Marilyn.  PubMed will allow one to add at least 30 journals. 

I say "at least" because I…um…stopped after 30 because I felt silly.

Happy Friday, folks!

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