A Masterlist of MedLib Blogs

Update: At the suggestion of some talented folks (see the comments on this post), we have copied all of this blog information to the LISwiki. Please make your changes and updates there instead. It is advertisement free, and a more central location that allows better sharing with libraryfolk of other sorts. New Location: http://liswiki.org/wiki/Medlib_Blogs

Update: Thanks so much to those of you who have added to this Wiki of MedLib blogs! When the list seems to stop growing, I’ll create and post an OPML file containing all the feeds for these blogs, so we can all easily subscribe and follow each other’s blogs.

What’re you on about, David?
I’d really like to put together a complete list of all Medical Librarianship blogs. I mean…wouldn’t you like to have a list like that, too?

How are you defining a “Medical Librarianship blog”?

  1. A blog specifically about Medical (/ Health/ Health Sciences/ BioMed) Librarianship,
  2. A blog written by (a) Medical Librarian(s),
  3. A blog maintained by a Medical Library, or
  4. A blog maintained by professional association of medical librarians and/or medical library paraprofessionals.

So David Rothman is going to put the list together?

I’m willing, but I’d rather prove to the rest of the biblioblogosphere that people in medical librarianship can get as Library 2.0 as any other libraryfolk. I propose an easy-to-edit site where we can collaboratively create a good and thorough list. A wiki. Besides, this could be a really fun and gentle introduction to wikis for MedLibs who are new to them.

Wouldn’t this be redundant? Isn’t Dean Giustini going to do a Health Sciences Librarianship Wiki at UBC?

He’s going to, but it is months away right now. When UBC’s Health Sciences Librarianship Wiki is created, we can fold this into it, but in the meanwhile I’d really like to be certain I’m subscribed to every other MedLib blog there is- and I’m guessing that a lot of people who read this blog would like that, too.

Where’s this Wiki?

Here: http://medicallibrarianshipblogs.pbwiki.com/List%20of%20Blogs

How do I add a blog to it?

I added my blog (the one you’re reading) and a couple others as examples, but here are some specific instructions to get you started:

  • Click on Edit page button

  1. Enter the password: medlib
  2. Enter your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer)
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click the Log In! button

  • Click the Edit page button again
  • Click the Preview button
  • Now you can see both the source for editing (below) AND how it displays (above)! To make rows of the grid we’ve started, just make sure that each column element is preceeded and followed by the ‘|’ character as it is the first few rows.

What if I have questions about how to use the Wiki?

Let me know! Or you can use PBwiki’s really decent help information and/or forums.

Anything else I can do?

Do you have a Medical Librarianship blog? Point people at this post or copy and paste it into your own blog and spread the word. Don’t have a blog? Email your friends and colleagues who work in Medical Librarianship and ask them to contribute or suggest blogs to you.

18 thoughts on “A Masterlist of MedLib Blogs

  1. Hi David,
    just an idea 😉
    i’ve changed the markup on your wiki-page a little bit to make it more readable, please look under the unchanged list.
    In your version (on top) most oft the interesting topics like Blogname, description of the blog, are not readable. The google ad is extremly disturbing.

  2. Oh…regarding the google ads: They don’t bother me much. It is a free service, and I find them easy to ignore. If you’d like to suggest an alternate location for this wiki, I’m game.

  3. D’oh. One more thing, Edelf: You wrote “i’ve changed the markup on your wiki-page”

    It isn’t my wiki page. It is OUR wiki page. :p

  4. Edelf, you know I’m a fan of the Library Success Wiki (I’ve mentioned it previously here)- but I wasn’t sure that a new page just for MedLib blogs would be appropriate there because this isn’t really a “best practices” list.

    Perhaps the LISwiki, though.

    My hope has been that this list would eventually get aded to a larger Wiki on the topic of Medical Librarianship.

    Would it be more appropriate to start a MedLib section at LISwiki, or wait until Dean Giustini’s students start theirs?

    Perhaps we should start building a MedLib section at LISwiki rather than waiting for UBC to build theirs?

    Thoughts, anyone?

  5. I am no fan of waiting 😉
    I think its a good idea to start to a MedLib section at LISwiki. If you find a better location, you can use a redirect..
    Greetings from Lueneburg

  6. Edelf, would you like to get us started at LISwiki by copying the list of blogs from it’s current location to a new section at LISwiki?

  7. it’s a little bit tricky with the Mediawiki syntax.
    I’ve posted 2 versions in the LISwiki. Please let me know which version do you prefer.

  8. Unfortunately, I cannot access the LISwiki from work, due to a “Precondition Failed” error. Perhaps a proxy issue. I’ll be delighted to check this out this evening from home, though.

  9. Hi, I’ve copied the pbwiki list over to the LISWiki page.

    The “Precondition Failed” message is probably from the anti-spam settings on the wiki. Not sure why you got it though.

  10. Wow. I only see one version, but I really like how it looks. I’ll make a note at the pbwiki and update this post to let folks know the new location. Nice work!

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