Adding your Library to Book Burro

Update: Jesse just started a blog at his Book Burro site.

Jesse Andrews, creator of Book Burro, was kind enough to answer a question of mine via email about his super-cool Firefox extension, and gave his kind permission to post it here.

I had asked Jesse for instructions on adding a library’s catalogue to Book Burro. Jesse replied that he’s working on a way to make adding libraries easier, that he’s just released a version that works with WorldCat, and added the following for the more geeky do-it-yerselfers amongst us:

…there is a small amount of code for each library that needs
added (as an example:

{ name: ‘us.cmh_public’,
title: ‘Columbus Public Library’,
link: function( isbn ) { return
+ isbn; },
process: function( req ) {
var status = ‘yes’;
var results = req.responseText.match( /0 publications match
your ISBN search for/ )
if (results) status = ”;
return status;


Jesse rocks. Book Burro is one of the neatest Firefox extensions yet created. If you like to buy books and haven’t tried it, you’re wasting time, money or both.

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