Article on HubMed

I was digging around for information about HubMed to figure out if I should write a post about it, and discovered I had missed a really decent article about it.

HubMed: a web-based biomedical literature search interface
Alfred D. Eaton*
Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, University Health Network Toronto ON, Canada

Full text is available (free) here.

Short discription of HubMed:

HubMed uses information from PubMed’s database, provided by the NCBI through the EUtils web service, to produce a search interface focused on browsing, organising and gathering information from the biomedical literature. Searches can be conducted using the full range of operators available in Entrez/PubMed; when using the default search options, results will be identical to those those of a PubMed search.

Special features of HubMed include date- or relevance-ranked search results; web feeds for regular updates of published literature matching any search; clustering and graphical display of related articles; expansion of query terms; direct export of citation metadata in many formats; linking of keywords to external sources of information; manual categorisation (tagging) and storage of interesting articles.

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