How to: Quickly turn a feed into email alerts with RSSFwd

I love my mother-in-law. I love the way Barb approaches problems, taking the bull by the horns. I like how she seeks out information before making decisions.

Barb had expressed interest in more regular updates of medical news of conditions than I had been able to provide- Barb’s son has epilepsy, her husband has tinnitus, and she has a compulsion to tackle these challenges- so my “keeping an eye out” for medical news about these conditions really wasn’t enough.

Complicating the matter is the fact that Barb has no special love for computers. She’s pretty much got email down, though- so I hoped to build on that and avoid the need to get her started on an aggregator.

I started at Medworm and went to its Medical Conditions feed directory. For each medical condition listed, Medworm continually searches its approximately 2000 indexed feeds for references to the medical condition and returns articles about them via the feed.

From here, I copied down the URLs for the tinnitus and epilepsy feeds.

I wanted to turn these into email updates, but didn’t want to deal with setting them up in FeedBurner. After all, I was just setting up these email updates for one user. I decided to try out RssFWD. RSSFwd Logo

Setting up a feed to syndicate via email in RSSFwd really couldn’t be much easier.

First, enter the feed URL and click the “submit” button.
RSSFwd Submit form

Next, enter in the email address of the person who wishes to receive the emailed updates and click the “Subscribe” button.
RSSFwd Email Subscription form

That’s it. The email recipient receives an email asking for confirmation and clicks on an included link.

If I was setting up a feed for use at our library, I’d probably do it through FeedBurner so I could track its use better, but for a quick one-off, you can’t beat the convenience of RSSFwd.

4 thoughts on “How to: Quickly turn a feed into email alerts with RSSFwd

  1. Vry interestng. I’ll give that a try. Is it somehow better than R Mail? And FeedYes creates RSS feeds for URLs without them. Killer combo. Info galore via RSS.

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