Resources for teaching EBM to PAs

I sent the following to MEDLIB-L yesterday:

From: David Rothman Mailed-By:
Date: Sep 7, 2006 10:51 AM
Subject: Teaching Evidence Based Medicine

Good morning.

My library has a physician patron who has been tasked to teach a class on Evidence Based Medicine to students studying to be Physicians Assistants.

Could you please perhaps suggest some of the most important texts or resources that this patron will want to acquire and utilize in creating her syllabus and course? The patron already has Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature .

I would be grateful to have any suggestions you might have emailed directly to me at davidDOTrothmanATgmailDOTcom, and would be pleased to summarize for the list if there is significant interest.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance and expertise.

David Rothman

Thanks very much to all who sent suggestions. These suggestions have been passed on to our library’s grateful patron, who asked that I express her thanks along with my own to you lovely, friendly, helpful people. This is the first time I’ve asked for help on MEDLIB-L, and the response was really wonderful.

I received a great number of requests to summarize for the list. I am attaching them to this blog post because MEDLIB-L does not allow attachments. (I had planned to share this information on my blog anyway.)

Please click here for the summary: Summary_Teaching EBM.xls

Also see an annotated Bibliography that could not be taken apart and added to the summary without sacrificing full attribution against the author’s wishes: ClassAnnotatedBibliography_Pappas.doc

If the MS formats cause anyone any trouble, please let me know and I’ll be glad to convert them to something else.

If anyone particularly expert in the topic would like to critique this summary and send back to me thoughts on what is really the creme de la creme in its contents, I’d welcome that.

Thanks again for your kind assistance- it is sincerely appreciated.

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