Must-Read Blog for Medical Libraryfolk:

There’s this blog I’ve been reading for a couple months…and I find myself constantly thinking: I wish I’d found and posted that.

It regularly contains things I don’t find elsewhere. Since I was kind of non-observant of Blog Day, let this be my belated recommendation:

Clinical Evidence, Searching Tidbits, and Other Minutiae

Just bite-sized nuggets of delicious interestingness-all the time. Look at today’s post for example.

If you read blogs about medical librarianship, add this one to your aggregator.

A brief thought for Becky: Please consider adding a link for your blog’s feed to the sidebar? It’ll make subscribing easier for a lot of folks.

One thought on “Must-Read Blog for Medical Libraryfolk:

  1. Thanks for the tip, David, just added a site feed link to my blog’s sidebar. I have to return the kudos, too, your blog is always interesting, really look forward to your posts.