New version of MDCalc available

Via Over!My!Med!Body!: This tool is new to me, but I can imagine it might really be useful.

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A wee bit about MDCalc
This site was created by a third-year medical student who got tired of having to wade through Google searches to find an easy to use, quick calculator for his medical equations. Many thanks to the multiple resources and references I’ve used to put this list together, including Medcalc, Pocket Medicine, 2nd Edition, eMedicine, and notes and teachings from my preclinical and clincal instructors.

Also worth noting, MCCalc produces results in either US and SI units.

Outside the US and use SI units? We’ve converted all our formulas to SI units and are looking for your help to validate them, so you can use them in the future!

Some of the calculations the tool performs:


* A-a O2 Gradient
* Abs Neutrophil Count
* Abs Retic Count (Retic Index)
* Age
* Anion Gap (w/Delta Gap)
* Basal Energy Expenditure
* Bayes Sensitivty & Specificity
* Bicarb Deficit
* BMI/Surface Area
* Calcium Correction in Hypoalbuminemia
* Cockcroft-Gault GFR
* Cardiac Output (Fick)
* Corrected QT (QTc)
* Corrected Sodium
* CSF WBC Correction for RBCs
* Endotracheal Tube Size for Children
* FENa
* LDL (Calculated)
* Maddrey’s Discriminant Function
* Maintenance Fluids
* Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
* Oxygenation Index
* Parkland Burns
* Pedi Ins & Outs
* Sodium Deficit
* Serum Osmolality
* Stool Osmolal Gap
* Water Deficit
* Winter’s Formula


* APGAR Score
* Cardiac Risk (Framingham)
* PORT Score / CAP Risk
* Glasgow Coma Score
* MELD Score
* Ranson’s Pancreatitis Mortality
* Strep Probability Score
* TIMI Score for UA/NSTEMI
* TIMI Score for STEMI
* Well’s Criteria for PE

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