OVID is (not) Planning on adding feeds?

UPDATE: Just got email back from our Ovid rep who says “I know for a fact we are including RSS feeds into the new Ovid interface. I am checking about your specific question below.”

Here’s hoping.

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Someone at Ovid had told me some months ago that Ovid planned to add feeds for TOC alerts or search alerts, so I emailed technical support this week to ask when that might happen.

Here was the answer from support[at]ovid[dot]com:

I have researched and found that there are no plans to implement eTOC Alerts in an RSS feed format.

This is surprising to me, as PubMed and EBSCO Medline already do this. To think that Ovid doesn’t even want to try to catch up in this regard is baffling. It would be so incredibly useful to my library and the clinicians we serve to be able to produce feeds from Ovid with links that open in Ovid. This would raise usage stats, too- benefiting clinicians, libraries, and Ovid.

If your library uses Ovid, I hope you’ll join me in contacting your Ovid rep to express your disappointment.

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