Friday Aggregator Cleaning

Okay, my aggregator was getting cluttered, so I needed clean out all of those “Keep New” items by saving them elsewhere, deleting them, or posting them. These are a few things I’ve been meaning to post about and not finding time for:

  • Via BHIC

    “Teaching Patients With Low Literacy Skills, 2nd Ed.” 1996, JB Lippincott Pub. is now available on line and may be read and downloaded at no charge.

  • Also via BHIC

    Remaking American Medicine … Health Care for the 21st Century, a four-part television series, is scheduled to begin airing on October 5 at 10 p.m. on PBS. Underwritten by RWJF, the series explores the nation’s health care crisis and considers the innovative ways in which providers, patients and their families are transforming care. Organizations across the country are also forming coalitions and organizing community-based events as part of an outreach campaign around the series. Please check your local listings for specific broadcast dates and times in your community.

  • From the NN/LM MCR News Blog

    RSS feeds for NIH Clinical Alerts and Advisories

    NLM is now offering RSS feeds for NIH Clinical Alerts and Advisories. This means that individuals can arrange to receive an alert directly to their desktop. Instructions for setting up a feed are available from the NLM RSS Feeds and Podcasts Web page.

    From the NLM Technical Bulletin September-October 2006 issue.

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