Google as a Pathology Portal

Hope Leman made me aware this morning of an article from the current issue of Advances in Anatomic Pathology, Google as a Pathology Portal. The article walks the reader through using Google Image Search, and even adds:

For those wanting access to specific types of information and images on a daily basis, Google allows users to create a password-protected account and develop a personalized Internet portal. Once a ‘‘My Google’’ account has been established, users can set up custom news feeds and perform specialized searches within a specific topic.

Great to see the author (Darren Wheeler, MD) recommending feed-based current awareness to his colleagues(!), and I love the idea of using a Google Personalized Home Page to make a useful portal, but I’m a little concerned about the clinical use of google images. Perhaps a specific individual pathologist has the neccessary information literacy to know/evaluate what sources found via Google Image Search are authoritative, but I find it hard to imagine that all do.

As the leading commentator on Google among Health Science libraryfolk, I hope that Dean Giustini will share his thoughts on the article.

Thanks, Hope!

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