Update: Ovid RSS

Hurray! Got a great new email from Ovid support:

Our OvidSP interface, which is a new build of our gateway interface from the bottom up, DOES include RSS feed. I am sorry to have led you astray…

In addition, if you wished to create alerts with RSS output, you can create them by following the the process outlined below and the results can be sent to you:

  1. Go to http://www.lwwonline.com. This web site provides a list of all of the LWW titles. When clicking on the link for the title, it brings you to the associated web page. As an example, click on AIDS.
  2. Scroll to the end of the page… You can create an alert and subscribe by clicking here and following the prompts: rssfromlww

3 thoughts on “Update: Ovid RSS

  1. Only problem with XML feed to LWW journals is that it sends you to LWW not Ovid and the only way for institutions to get online full text access to LWW titles is through Ovid.
    This feed is great to know for individuals with subscriptions, though. Do we know if Ovid allows us to get RSS feeds to individual LWW journals?

  2. I completely agree, Michelle.

    However, note that the email from Ovid was suggesting this as a temporary measure unil Ovid’s interface does include feeds. It is my understanding that when feeds are offered, they will be for both TOCs and search alerts.

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