Technology mediator: a new role for the reference librarian?

From Biomedical Digital Libraries:

Technology mediator: a new role for the reference librarian?
David K Howse, Paul J Bracke, Samuel M Keim
Biomedical Digital Libraries 2006, 3:10 (13 October 2006)
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The Arizona Health Sciences Library has collaborated with clinical faculty to develop a federated search engine that is useful for meeting real-time clinical information needs. This article proposes a technology mediation role for the reference librarian that was inspired by the project, and describes the collaborative model used for developing technology-mediated services for targeted users.


The first obstacle to overcome is establishing a connection between the three parties with critical knowledge bases – systems, resources, and users. Identifying and enlisting these parties presents a challenge, especially for smaller organizations with limited resources. In the world of academic health sciences libraries, reference librarians are best suited to initiating and maintaining this relationship, as well as advocating for navigational tools that create added value and convenience for users.

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