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MetaGlossary is pretty impressive. It appears to be a metasearch tool for online dictionaries, glossaries, and lexicons.

I decided to try looking up some specialized and/or ambiguous terms, like SDI (strategic dissemination of information), and it found the right definition at the bottom of this results page.

Next, I tried some slang by looking up the word “shizzle.” No problems with that, either.

Next, I tried a word from pop culture, “transmetropolitan.” It found that, too.

Next, I tried a clinical term, “ulcerative colitis,” and it returned a number of decent definitions.

Lastly, I thought I’d see how it handled a typo or mispelling, by searching for “ulcerutive culitis.” Lo and behold, it figured out that I meant “ulcerative colitis.”

From MetaGlossary’s About Us page, here’s why they believe this is better than using a define:”Ulcerative Colitis” query in Google.

…unlike other search engines, MetaGlossary is able to precisely extract the meanings of terms and phrases from the often frustratingly unmanageable mass of information on the web. It provides you with concise, direct explanations for terms and phrases, not just endless links to sift through in search of a comprehensive definition.

What’s more, MetaGlossary organizes these meanings based on topic and usage, so you’ll find the one you’re looking for quickly and easily. Since MetaGlossary spans the expanse of the web, even your most field-specific requests for terms, phrases, acronyms, technical jargon, and slang, will be successfully met.

Neat. If they come out with a plugin for the IE Google Toolbar and for Firefox, this might be my new default online dictionary.

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