Dan the Librarian Comedian

Dan the Librarian talking about being a librarian at Piccolo’s in Westfield, MA


I’m a big fan of George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard, and Patton Oswalt– so suffice it to say that Dan’s work isn’t really my taste. Still, it is interesting to see a stand-up whose schtick is the fact that he has an MLIS.


3 thoughts on “Dan the Librarian Comedian

  1. Not brilliant is he? But respect for anyone with the guts to have a go, I couldn’t. I love Carlin, Hicks and Izzard – guess I should try and find some Oswalt. Any suggestions where to start?

  2. Hi Tom!

    I enjoyed his album, Feelin’ Kinda’ Patton, a whole lot.

    Amazon.com entry

    Be warned, though, people who would be bothered by Bill Hicks would be bothered by Oswalt, too. It isn’t for everybody.



  3. Thanks for watching the video, no matter what you thought of the quality.

    There should be more posted soon… though none will be as good as Carlin or Hicks… they just have too much time on me so far (but I’m catching Hicks day by day).