How to: Set up “one-click” feed subscription from IE7 to Bloglines

Yep, you can set up one-click feed subscription from IE7 to BlogLines, too, but you have to install an add-on first. Also, it takes two clicks and doesn’t work for me as advertised by BlogLines.

  1. Go here: Download page for IE7 BlogLines Add-on
  2. Click the Download link:
  3. Click Run:
  4. Click Run again:
  5. Click Next:
  6. Click I Agree (after, of course, carefully reading the license agreement):
  7. Click Install:
  8. After installation completes, click Finish:
  9. Restart Internet Explorer 7.

How to use the add-on

Go to a page with a feed, like Tame The Web. Note that the orange feed button on the IE7 toolbar lights up to indicate a feed has been detected:

Now, according to BlogLines, all you have to do is “…look for the big orange RSS button that appears in your IE 7 toolbar. Click on it and you’re done – you’ve just subscribed to that feed in your Bloglines account.”

It isn’t true. Two clicks are required.

If we click on the orange feed button from Tame The Web, we see TTW’s feed, neatly displayed for in-browser viewing, with this included:

We can subscribe to TTW’s feed in BlogLines by clicking on either of the spots indicated by the red arrows above.

A few thoughts:
Firefox’s one-click subscription in BlogLines actually is one click. IE7 requires two.

Firefox natively supports one-click subscription without any need to install add-ons.

There are other web feed add-ons for IE7 here, and more will likely appear soon.

The large developer community of Firefox enthusiasts will whip up extensions to make Firefox 2.0 support their favorite aggregators (and other online services/tools) pretty quickly. I’m less confident that these will be quickly available for IE7.

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