Image Database: Pathology of Infectious Diseases

From the same author (Dr. Darren Wheeler) who brought us Google as a Pathology Portal comes Pathology of Infectious Diseases (Adv Anat Pathol 2006;13:330–331), an article featuring an online pathology atlas based at Japan’s Fujita Health University School of Medicine created by Dr. Yutaka Tsutsumi. Due to its “focus on nonneoplastic disease,” Dr. Wheeler calls it a “rare and welcome addition to a growing body of pathology image databases.”

Dr Tsutsumi’s web site is a comprehensive and user-friendly reference focusing on the histopathologic diagnosis of infectious disease. For the pathologist faced with identifying an infectious microorganism on hematoxylin and eosin or special stain, the database offers an excellent set of control imagesor comparison. The database is also a great resource for presentations and/or board study.

Here’s a screen shot:

(Click on the image to see the page this appears on)

You can try it out yourself here:

Note: Dr. Wheeler points out that “[t]he translation of certain Japanese text within the web pages results in scattered misplaced text symbols; however, all of the key text is well-preserved.”

[Thanks to Hope Leman for the heads-up!]

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