Search all the MedLib Blogs (Really this time)

Dymphie rocks.

As promised in a comment on an earlier post, the rest of the MedLib blogs have been added to Dymphie’s Google Custom Search Engine for the Masterlist of MedLib Blogs. I’ve added a link on the page at LISwiki to Dymphie’s search engine, so you can now search all the MedLib blogs listed all at once.

Click here if you’d like to jump straight to the MedLib Blogs CSE at its home, or use the form below to try it out:

(Could someone with more MediaWiki experience let me know if it is possible in MediaWiki to add this snippet of javascript so the search could actually be added to the page at LISwiki?)

Dymphie’s CSE is neat and useful, but I’m still annoyed by the absence of any sorting features in the search results, and I think Steven Cohen is right that the CSE search results would be a lot better if they could be outputted as RSS. I suspect that this won’t ever actually happen, but that’s a topic for another (future) post.

One thought on “Search all the MedLib Blogs (Really this time)

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