More RSS for Lawyers

Law Practice Today has a decent article that those in Law Librarianship won’t want to miss:

RSS Resources You Can Use: Automated Web Surfing for Lawyers, by Tom Mighell and Dennis Kennedy.

It’s a very good introduction to the what, why, and how of RSS for lawyers and law practices. It mentions Steve Matthews’ Top Ten Uses for RSS in Law Firms, but neglects to mention Jason Eiseman’s RSS Tutorial for Law Librarians (which I posted about here).

EDIT: D’oh! They DID mention Jason’s tutorials! My apologies to Tom and Dennis.

[Via the WisBlawg (University of Wisconsin Law Library), who got it from the Vancouver Law Librarian Link Blog.]

2 thoughts on “More RSS for Lawyers

  1. Hey David, thanks for the nice mention. Check again — we mentioned the RSS Tutorial for Librarians under the RSS: What Is It? section — we thought it was great, too.


  2. And its RIGHT THERE, too! Sorry, Tom, for the doofus mistake- I’ve corrected the post!