Librarian Stewart Brower at the University of Buffalo announced on his blog a proposal (PDF) for an Open Access Drug Resource, PubDrug.

For the last several years, I’ve watched as the cost of drug resources has continued to escalate, reaching a point where even large-scale institutions like the University at Buffalo really cannot afford the licensing for the kinds of resources we need for our educational, clinical and research initiatives.

Interestingly, Brower is proposing this be done on a Wiki because (among other reasons) it “[a]llows significant editorial controls without inhibiting ‘viral’ expansion of content.”

A lot of ideas here in common with Dean Giustini’s Medizendium concept (mentioned here).

Sounds like an enormous and difficult undertaking filled with potential pitfalls…but I really admire the way Stewart is thinking really big.

Stewart invites those interested to contact him. The email address posted at his blog and in his slides is: sbrower[*at*]buffalo[*dot*]edu.

4 thoughts on “PubDrug

  1. Thanks for helping spread the word, David. You’re right, it’s a pretty ambitious plan, but these seem to be ambitious times, and a decent arsenal of Web 2.0 tools and a large number of savvy collaborators (keeping me on track) should help this project flourish.

    Dean’s Medizendium idea has also been in the back of my head. No doubt we will find ways of integrating these resources to everyone’s benefit.

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