Unofficial Google Reader Notifier

So I was really impressed with the update on the Google Reader, but I have been sticking with Bloglines. One of the many reasons for this is that Bloglines has a desktop notifier I’m fond of that tells me when I have new items from the feeds in my Bloglines account.

Just found out today about the Unofficial Google Reader Notifier, which does pretty much the same thing for the Google Reader.

When you subscribe to a feed in Bloglines, you can choose whether or not the notifier will monitor that feed:

The Unofficial Google Reader Notifierdoesn’t work quite that way, but it does give you the option to specify that only items with a certain label are displayed by the notifier (see screen capture here).

Can’t wait to try it out. Maybe this will be what switches me from Bloglines to Google Reader as my aggregator of choice.

Of course, one hopes that Google will come out with their own official notifier, too.


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