Why Wiki?

I’m a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t notice these sooner.

John Hubbard at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries put together a great four-part video series about Wikis called “Why Wiki?

New to Wikis and not quite sure what they’re about or how they might be used in a library? Watch these as a pleasant introduction to the topic.

» Part One – Introduction (28:39)

Start here to get an overview of how Wikis work and how to use Wikipedia. This section includes a guided tour of some articles which have been produced by the Wikipedia community.

» Part Two – Caveats (20:37)

What are the problems with Wikipedia? This section covers topics such as vandalism, content controversies, and coverage biases. The future of Wikipedia is also discussed.

» Part Three – Comparisons (11:46)

How does Wikipedia measure up to other sources? Given Wikipedia’s failures, this section emphasizes the need to critically evaluate information from all publication formats.

» Part Four – Other Wikis (20:54)

This section covers Wikipedia’s sister projects and other fan sites which use the Wiki software. It ends with a review of how libraries and librarians are using Wikis, and how you can create your own Wiki.

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