I’m a little disappointed, really. When I first saw the name “PubZilla,” I expected something geekier, like an alternative interface to PubMed written by the folks at the Mozilla Foundation.

Alas, it is not quite so geeky- but still worth mentioning. Seems a bit like an eBay for medical journals.

PubZilla is a specialized auction site for the serials back volume/issue trade covering all subjects, with emphasis on biomedicine, the health sciences and related subjects. PubZilla welcomes both selling and donating activity within, because commerce and charity belong together. PubZilla offers this unique service to libraries, educational institutions, journal donation programs, health professionals, Friends of Libraries groups, publishers, agents, dealers, booksellers and others. All auctions are online, timed events and six auctions types are possible, including: First Bid Wins (Buy Price), English (Straight), Reserve Price, Yankee, Accept Offers, and Wanted Posts may be listed.

The purpose of PubZilla is to support cost-effective transactions for the serials back volume/issue trade. Guided by the needs of our customers, the usefulness of printed serials, the need to improve trading methods, the benefits of auction software technology, and our commitment to high quality service, PubZilla offers an efficient, dynamic pricing marketplace for the serials back volume/issue trade.

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