Clinical Information Technology Gaps Among Physicians

BHIC points out a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on the difference in access to information technology between larger medical practices and smaller ones.

Full text (PDF)

We have a full range of practices affiliated with our hospital. Of course, access to technology is directly related to ability to use that technology, and I think I see that correlation in our library.

Now that our library’s digital resources can be accessed by any physician from any internet-connected computer with Internet Explorer, our new goals need to be promoting awareness of those resources and providing lots of pleasant options physicians take take advantage of in order to learn to use them.

One of the things I did when I made our library’s portal was throw a bunch of training materials in the path of the user. One can’t get to OVID from our portal without tripping over three different kinds of training materials on using OVID. That helps even the access to resources a bit.

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