FeedNavigator indexes Biblioblogs

I first posted about the University of Helsinki’s FeedNavigator in August, but Michelle, Dymphie, and Guus all recently posted on it, so I looked at it again to see if there was anything new, and I discovered something unexpected:

The MedLib Biblioblogs are indexed by it, along with a bunch of other biblioblogs.

See for yourself.

If you look at the Blogs page, you can see that each of the MedLib Biblioblogs has a little, red ‘new’ next to it:

…so perhaps they were only very recently added to FeedNavigator.

This is neat, but I wonder if it is a good idea. After all, posts from my blog are often not directly related to medical librarianship. Tame the Web is indexed there, and it’s pretty much never about medical librarianship.

I’m not saying these are bad sources of information, just that if the site is meant to search for medical information, including all of these blogs may mean some relevance problems in search results.

Regardless, it is gratifying to see that someone made use of the Masterlist of MedLib Blogs in this manner, isn’t it?

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