RSS Feeds in MS Outlook 2007

If you don’t have MS Office 2007 yet, this post can give you a solid idea of what to expect from its feed-handling features. Complete with screen captures, the post illustrates the way Outlook 2007 uses IE7 as its “back end” for displaying feeds.

The review is not, generally speaking, positive.

Don’t expect too much: if you’re a hard-core RSS junkie that uses Google Reader, Bloglines, NewsGator or the like, you won’t be impressed. Still, native RSS reading within Outlook 2007 does get you by.

Okay, so it might not compare to Google Reader or Bloglines, but most of my library’s patrons have Outlook open all day for email, so using Outlook could make feeds more “pushy” for them. When Outlook 2007 is rolled out to our hospital’s users, I will absolutely be showing users how to use it as a feed aggregator.

2 thoughts on “RSS Feeds in MS Outlook 2007

  1. David, if you’ve got a core group of users in Outlook all day that don’t mind using basic RSS functionality, I think this will work for them. This appears to be great for folks new to RSS that live in Outlook; should be just fine for that audience.

  2. Oh, I agree, Kevin. That’s why I’m absolutely planning on taching these features to our patrons when Outlook 2007 rolls out at MPOW.