Poll: What title should replace “Librarian”?


Alex Aiken, a Westminster council official and “former policy director for the Tories,” expressed to a conference of the Public Library Authorities his belief that “[t]he concept of the librarian has to change and perhaps a start would be to abolish the title itself, with its connotations of middle-aged conservatism.”

We shouldn’t take offense to the guy’s assertions, we should be amused by them and mock them. In that spirit, davidrothman.net requested suggestions on what new and sexier term might replace “librarian.” Before you vote, remember that we’re looking for sexy, and the opposite of “middle-aged conservatism.” I’ll refrain from commenting until we’ve left the poll open for a few days, but you should feel free to comment to your heart’s content after voting.

3 thoughts on “Poll: What title should replace “Librarian”?

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