Updated: “Final” Poll Results

Update: Well, I’m not thrilled with the winning title, but it won by a significant margin:


Well, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed.

Alex Aiken, a Westminster council official and “former policy director for the Tories,” expressed to a conference of the Public Library Authorities his belief that “[t]he concept of the librarian has to change and perhaps a start would be to abolish the title itself, with its connotations of middle-aged conservatism.

davidrothman.net requested suggestions on what new and sexier term might replace “librarian,” and posted a poll with those suggestions.

With 35 votes recorded, there is a clear favorite: Information Goddess/God. C’mon, folks! Can’t we be more than egotists? My personal favorite is “Information Alchemist,” but I like “Indagatrix”, too.

Poll results as of Friday, 11/21/2006 11:21 PM EST

Here’s the poll again, I’ll leave it open through the end of the Thanksgiving weekend.

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