LibWorm Updates

I should first share my thanks and Frankie’s for the lovely response we’ve had to LibWorm so far. Just a few notes on recent developments:

  • I recently discovered that Kevin at made a LibWorm search add-on for Firefox or IE7 that’ll let you search LibWorm from your browser’s search bar!

    To install it, you can visit Kevin’s page or click here.

  • If you use and dig LibWorm, remember to Digg LibWorm!
  • Want to keep up with news about LibWorm without having to read posts at about other things? Subscribe to this feed, which will contain just items about LibWorm
  • We’ve already received a great number of new feeds suggested to be added to LibWorm. Except where the URL provided was bad or not a feed, we’re adding ’em all in. At this point, we can’t promise a turn-around time (how much time elapses between the submission of the )feed and its inclusion in LibWorm), but it should be pretty quick.
  • We’ve gotten some really great suggestions of Subjects to add (like “Reader’s advisory”- I could kick myself for not thinking of it) that we’re going to be implementing shortly. Thanks for these ideas- please keep ’em coming!
  • We’ve received several other really good ideas that we’re still working out how to apply, but I’ll announce when they are up and running.

I need to especially thank Marjolein Hoekstra for providing really thoughtful and detailed feedback that will doubtless help shape LibWorm’s future development. Thanks, Marjolein! (Marjolein writes about RSS and other fun stuff at her blog, CleverClogs. She writes from the perspective of a user, but with the comprehension of a geek. I highly recommend subscribing to her feed.)

Thanks again, and please keep the ideas coming!

One thought on “LibWorm Updates

  1. David, can you include the information about the search add-in ON the Libworm site somewhere? Apologies if I’m missing it, but I keep having to come back here to search for it when I want to install it on a new machine…