Why don’t we do it in our sleeves?

“The purpose of this video is to make coughing into one’s sleeve fashionable- and even patriotic!”

(Embedded flash video is below- click here if you’d prefer .wmv or .mov.)

This is educational and I think it’s funny! I’m sick right now- sneezy, coughing (into my sleeve!), and dopey from cold medicine, so it is possible that I am overestimating it’s entertainment value.

More from Coughsafe.com

More from the CDC, including handouts/posters

Heh. Infection control humor. Love it. (*cough!*)

One critique of the video: With the title they chose, it should have had a Beatles parody for theme music.


One thought on “Why don’t we do it in our sleeves?

  1. My mom’s been doing this with her story time groups for years!! I think it’s funny that they’re bringing it about…

    It’s much easier..especially when you’re in a customer service position and have to shake hands in a few seconds

    Happy head cold–I’m just now healing from mine