LibWorm Update: 12/1/2006 – New Subjects

You may have noticed a few new items added to the Subjects page at LibWorm based on suggestions from users, including:

Thanks so much for suggesting these- Keep the subject ideas coming!

2 thoughts on “LibWorm Update: 12/1/2006 – New Subjects

  1. Have you considered adding selected feeds to LibWorm? Like maybe Might be kind of interesting.

  2. I did consider it, Ratcatcher. I used to subscribe to several feeds from for library topics, and was often overwhelmed by the number- but I admit I didn’t often combinre tags the way you did in your example.

    If you’d like to suggest some very specific feeds that wouldn’t muddy the search results’ relevance, I’d be interested in taking a look and discussing it with Frankie. The one you suggested ( looks interesting to me.