LibWorm Update, 12/3/2006: Lots more feeds!

I really love that everything that has improved about LibWorm has been motivated by a whole lot of enthusiastic input from a wide range of users.

  • We started loading our first really big batch of new, user-submitted feeds a few days ago (as well as addressing an issue that was preventing some feeds from parsing properly) and it looks like those are populating nicely. I was especially happy to see feeds from Librarian in Black and What I Learned Today appearing in LibWorm search results. It didn’t seem at all right for either to be missing.
  • There’s a whole ‘nother batch of new feeds we have to review, categorize, and load into LibWorm. It’s great to see people submitting not just their own feeds, but feeds produced by others. We’ll get to these as quickly as we can, and we’re so grateful for your help! Keep ’em coming!
  • Please also expect to see see continued changes in Feed Categories and/or Subjects as we continue to tweak them to be as useful as possible based on user feedback and stats.
  • This may sound a little odd, but is anyone out there fluent in both English and Italian (and willing to do just a little translating)? If so, please drop me a line (david[at]libworm[dot]com)?

That’s it for now. Please drop us a line with any questions, concerns, critiques, or suggestions- we really like hearing from you.

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