EpiSpider: Epidemiology and Google Maps

Hope Leman dropped me an email to let me know about a nifty epidemiology mashup, EpiSpider. (Edit: Linked URL corrected. Thanks, Karen Harker!)

EpiSPIDER (Semantic Processing and Integration of Distributed Electronic Resources) is an application that integrates disparate electronic resources like news wires, RSS feeds and mailing lists to provide an integrated view of reported health events. It specifically uses ProMED mail reports and health newsfeeds as sources of information

These reports are then transformed and analyzed with natural language processing and text mining techniques to help scan the horizon for infectious disease outbreaks. These reports are also mapped using the geocoding and mapping interfaces of YahooMaps, Google Maps as well as Scalable Vector Graphics (requires Adobe SVG Viewer). We also integrate these reports with other health information resources such as MedLINE/PubMed.

Be sure to check out the feeds available from the bottom of the About page:

3 thoughts on “EpiSpider: Epidemiology and Google Maps

  1. Thanks so much for catching that and letting me know, Karen! I’ve corrected the link in the post!

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