JournalJunkie Podcasts: Medical Journal Audio Abstracts

I’ve been waiting weeks for permission from Dr. Craig Dalton to blog about this! Finally just got that permission.

Neat! Listen to abstracts from Annals of Internal Medicine, Archives of Internal Medicine, BMJ, Circulation, JAMA, NEJM, PLoS, The Lancet and more.

Journal Junkie provides medical professionals with immediate audio access to abstracts from the latest medical journals. Subscription is free. As a subscriber, you can choose to

  • listen to abstracts now
  • download them to your iPod/MP3 Player for later
  • set up automatic downloads from your favourite journals to your computer or iPod/MP3 Player.

JournalJunkie was created by two independent health professionals who understand the challenge of staying up to date while maintaining a busy professional life. The small amount of advertising on the site is JournalJunkie’s only revenue. This service is not underwritten by any health-related organisation.

To subscribe to the podcasts, you have to register (free), but you can check the site and listen to the audio files without registering.

2 thoughts on “JournalJunkie Podcasts: Medical Journal Audio Abstracts

  1. Hi David,

    You know me, usually too busy with my head stuck in some code to spend my time reading blogs – but just dipped into yours for a breather and really felt that it was about time I congratulated you on your blog, which is proving to be a constant source of insight into the latest developments in the realm of librarianship and technology – of course you do have an unfair advantage since you are obliged to spend a lot of your time LibWorming!

    You might like to ask Dr Craig Dalton, on my behalf, if he would be so kind as to consider adding RSS feeds for his Journal Junkie podcasts, as I’d love to include them in MedWorm (thanks to the enhancements made for LibWorm, MedWorm too can now accept feeds to podcasts).


  2. Hi David
    Thanks for publishing the piece about journaljunkie. We’ve seen Frankie’s feedback and will see what we can do! Meanwhile, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve added a new podcast from “Emerging Infectious Diseases” to JournalJunkie and also given subscribers the option of receiving an email reminder service.
    Feel free to let your readers know of these improvements if you like!
    Jane Gray