LibWorm Update, 12/6/2006: Wikis category, Video subject

It’s loads of fun to watch mentions of LibWorm pop up, but one appeared recently that I thought was particularly enjoyable. Not only does it describe LibWorm well, but it’s also funny. Check it out at the blog of the ALA Student Chapter at Simmons College.

Thanks so much for the kind and entertaining words, Ashley! You could’ve just submitted your blog’s feed URL at LibWorm, but this is a good way to make sure we add your feed, too! (Yep, the post can now be found in LibWorm.) Also, we hadn’t really thought of using “LibWorm” as a verb, but we like it!

Speaking of adding feeds, we’re still plugging away at adding feeds submitted by users and watching the new feeds populate in LibWorm. If you’ve already submitted your feed but don’t see it populating in LibWorm, wait a few days and look again. If you haven’t submitted your feed yet, please register (free and reversible whenever you like) and submit it!

We’ve also recently added a new feed category to LibWorm, Wikis. Feeds in this category show recent changes from LISwiki, Library Success, the UBC HealthLib Wiki, and Wikipedia entries on subjects of importance to librarians. Let us know what you think and if there are other Wiki feeds we should add to the category.

(The “Wikis” Feed Category should not be confused with the “Wikis” Subject feed. Not sure what the difference is? Go to LibWorm’s About page and see the fourth item in the FAQ, “What is the difference between LibWorm Feed Categories and Subjects?”)

A new Subject feed available at LibWorm is Video. This should be helpful when you want to watch something relating to libraries instead of reading something.

As always, please let us know if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions by using the contact form on LibWorm’s
About page, leaving a comment on, or emailing me at david[AT]LibWorm[dot]com.

One thought on “LibWorm Update, 12/6/2006: Wikis category, Video subject

  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out! It is an honor to have our burgeoning little student group’s burgeoning little blog included in the LibWorm fold. Also, thanks infinitely for all the work you do to keep LibWorm running– it is an insanely valuable resource for librarians & library students trying to keep up with the latest trends/innovations/gossip in the field.

    -Simmons College ALASC