LibWorm Update: Tagtastic Folksonomania!

It really was my intention to not blog again before the end of the year, but I couldn’t wait that long to share news about these new tag-based features at LibWorm that Frankie has been working hard on.

First is that if any individual search result has tags, LibWorm finds the tags and shows ’em to you in the search results:

That’s not the coolest part- we’re just getting started.

Because LibWorm is looking for tags, tags are also included on every search. So if, for instance, I search for “ALA”. LibWorm will notice that Meredith Farkas used “ALA” as a tag on her post from 12/8/06, Living my 9th Grade Dream:

Above: The “ALA” is bolded to show us that the tag is where LibWorm found the keyword.

But that’s not the coolest part, either.

Frankie also used the tag data from LibWorm to build Tag Clouds.

There are two options, the Small Cloud and the Large Cloud.
(Frequency of a tag’s use has to be higher to be in the small cloud.)

But that’s still not the coolest part.

If you click a tag in the tag cloud, LibWorm will show you all the posts it has indexed that use that tag, and will enable you to subscribe to a feed based on that tag.

Yeah, that’s the coolest part. 🙂

As always, please let us know what you think!

-David Rothman
President, Frankie Dolan Fan Club
(U.S. Chapter)

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