Blog Tag: 5 Things You Don’t Know About David Rothman

I was tagged by my friend Marjolein.

1. My father is a geek’s geek. A retired IBM programmer, he is mentioned in Wikipeda for developing CGIDEV2. I have a distinct recollection of what happened when I asked him to teach me to program in BASIC. He said “sure!” …and handed me the manual.

2. I have owned 6 copies of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, and keep losing them by pushing them on people and insisting they read it- then not asking for it back and buying a new copy instead.

3. I can twist balloons into animal shapes. These days, I do it for the amusement of nieces, nephews, or the children of friends- but when I was about 14, I worked at the local Ground Round on weekends as “Bingo the Clown.”

4. I used to study theatre. I went to the Arts High School at the Minnesota Center for Arts Education (now called the Perpich Center) and to the North Carolina School of the Arts. I was not especially good at it.

5. I was once the general manager of the Chocolate Fetish. I learned how to temper chocolate, among other chocolatier skills.

I’ll tag the following five MedLib bloggers in hopes that it’ll amuse them more it will annoy them:

Eugene Barsky (UBC Physio blog)

Rachel Walden (Women’s Health News)

Guus van den Brekel (DigiCMB)

Becky J. (Clinical Evidence, Searching Tidbits, and Other Minutiae)

Stewart Brower (Professional Notes)

4 thoughts on “Blog Tag: 5 Things You Don’t Know About David Rothman

  1. David , thanks a lot for tagging me here 🙂 However, I think I will pass the ball – my blog is not a personal blog – and only rarely I do write stuff about myself there …

    Have fun!

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