Dec 01

LibWorm Update: 12/1/2006 – New Subjects

You may have noticed a few new items added to the Subjects page at LibWorm based on suggestions from users, including:

Thanks so much for suggesting these- Keep the subject ideas coming!

Dec 01

Google VP: “Health Care Information Matters”

Excerpt of post from the official Google Blog by Adam Bosworth, Google’s VP of Engineering:

If patients understand their diseases better — the symptoms, the treatments, the drugs, and the side effects, they are likely to get better and quicker care — before, during, and after treatment. We have already launched some improvements to web search that help patients more easily find the health information they are looking for. Using the Google Co-op platform, Google and the health community have labeled sites and pages across the web making it easier for users to refine their health queries and locate the medical information they need.


I’m looking forward to seeing what Dean Giustini has to say on this post.

Read the whole thing.