Online Imaging Applications Comparison (Updated again)

Update, 1/4/2007: Someone submitted this to Digg. Neat!
Update, 1/5/2007: Based on comments from folks at Phixr and at Fauxto, I have made revisions to the comparison chart. Revisions are highlighted.

I just recently stumbled across and was pleasantly surprised by how intuitive the interface was, and how well it imitated Photoshop and Paintshop Pro. This reminded me, though, that I have bookmarked a number of online image editors and never worked out which one to use for what purposes. I decided to make a chart comparing the features of these:







The comparison chart is posted here.

When Fauxto has a few more features, it’ll be very impressive. Until then, I’m finding myself pretty satisfied with Cellsea when at a computer without imaging software installed.

11 thoughts on “Online Imaging Applications Comparison (Updated again)

  1. does support brightness/contrast/seaturation/hue… and phixr has a bookmarklet (“the phixr instant editing tool”). Please correct this! Thanks!

  2. We’d like to thank you for updating the Fauxto portion of the chart. We certainly couldn’t have expected you to do that and thanks to your efforts in compiling it we’ve actually had various interests contact us based solely on the chart’s thorough dissemination of what tools are out there.

  3. Cool! Good luck with Fauxto- the interface is awesome. Let me know when you increase the file size limits so I can blog that, too!

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  5. Thanks for letting me know, Thomas- I hope to update the chart soon with this information and notes on other editors.

  6. Fauxto is a favorite of mine. Just thought I’d let you know they did a major update, including the bigger size you mentioned. Lots and lots of new stuff.