3 More Reasons to Love Google Reader

I’m way behind in posting about great new developments and tweaks for Google Reader, my aggregator of choice.

Search your feeds

You’d think that the company that rules web search might’ve added search to Google Reader themselves, right? Nuh-uh.

Until Google Reader finally adds search as a native feature, there’s a Greasemonkey User Script to add search to Google Reader. The script adds a search interface that lets you search the posts of that feed, outputting the results within the Google Reader Interface.

This requires, of course, Firefox and Greasemonkey. If you’re not using these great free tools yet, it’s time to start. Stuck using Internet Explorer at work? Me too. 🙁

Review your personal trends

Google Blogoscoped has a good post on this new feature in Google Reader.

My favorite thing about this is that the “Subscription Trends” section will tell you which feeds update rarely…or not at all..so those who like to prune their feedlists of rarely-posting feeds can do so quickly and easily.

Sort By Date in ASCENDING Order

Click a feed in your fed list and select Sort by oldest in the Feed Settings… tab.

I use this setting for things like web comics and video blogs that I want to be sure to read in chronological order (like ZeFrank).

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