Podcast: Evidence Based Practice

Eugene Barsky points out a podcast from the British Columbia Rehabilitation Sciences Research Network (BC RSRnet) by Alison Hoens and Maggie McIlwaine entitled “Appraising the Evidence: So how do I know that this article is any good?”

Says Eugene:

This session would be of particular interest to the folks interested in Quantitative part of the health research, Alison is a gifted presenter, it is worth spending those three hours listening – there is lots to learn!

Details including links to the podcast and a companion PDF can be found at the UBC Physio Info-blog.

Looks like good stuff that I hope to download to my mp3 player soon.

One nit-pick: If I can’t set a podcatcher (iTunes or something else) to subscribe to a feed and automatically download new audio files, is this really a “podcast?” …or did I just fail to find the feed?

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Evidence Based Practice

  1. You are totally correct David! Those are not exactly podcasts – just audio files for download.

    I keep recording those and call them podcasts, working at the same time on our (University of British Columbia) interface for iTunes U., so I call them podcasts to cover our future use of this audio content.

    As for the moment, all our audio files are hosted in UBC Institutional Repository – DSpace here – http://tinyurl.com/y6bx24