Yottalook Radiology Search

Yottalook is a free radiology-centric search engine based on Google’s indexing technology with proprietary relevance algorithm by iVirtuoso. Currently, Yottalook Images and Yottalook References search engines are available for use. Yottalook Image has specially been designed to search radiology images from various peer-reviewed online sources and currently has access to over 100,000 images. Yottalook References has been designed to search online radiology sources only. Try various refinement options to narrow your search requests even further.

Appears to be a great application of the Custom Search Engine tools from Google Co-Op.

Please note: I can’t get it to work with Firefox, but it works fine in IE7. YMMV.


6 thoughts on “Yottalook Radiology Search

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  2. Certainly, Dr. Siddiqui.

    When I perform a search on Yottalook in Firefox, I get a page with the search interface header and the footer (with links to the blog, Add to Google, Digg, etc.)

    Between the header and footer where the Google CSE results should appear, I see nothing. The horizontal lines that separate the header and footer from the search results are next to each other.

    It appears I’m not alone in having firefox problems with Yottalook.



  3. Hi David,
    Can you tell me what version of Firefox you are using? Also what search did you run? I am on and have no problems. Other people have reported this but we have been unable to replicate it. Thanks,


  4. Hi Steve-

    I am also using Firefox v2.0.0.1.

    I searched for “colitis”. I saw results for both images and references just fine using IE7 or using Firefox with IEtab (which renders the the page in a firefox tab with IE7’s engine). Nada in Firefox.

    For comparison, I looked at http://liszen.com, another Google CSE. That seems to work in either browser without problems.

    You are welcome to email me directly if you wish to discuss further. My email address is near the top of the sidebar of my blog.

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