Circ and Serve (Chimato blogs again!)

I was very fortunate many months ago that Mary Chimato, then the head of access services at SUNY Stonybrook’s Health Sciences Library, decided to be my friend. Mary is generous with her time, spirit, and views- and I have benefited from all three. Mary’s education and experience in medical libraries exceed mine by considerable measure, and she has a talent for teaching without making the learner’s realization of his own ignorance painful.

(Yes, I mean me.)

When Mary told me she would be leaving health sciences librarianship to take a position at NCSU as Head of Access and Delivery Services, I was really excited for her- but sort of sad for me, sad for New York State, and sad for medical librarians who would miss her. I worried she’d stop blogging.

I’m less worried now, because she has launched Circ and Serve: Circ. Reserves. ILL. The view from this side of the desk

Circ and Serve

One of the things I like best about Mary’s new blog is that it’ll approach things from the perspective of Access Services. I’m not aware of other biblioblogs/liblogs with this focus (If you are aware of others, please let me know). One of the things I’ve learned form Mary is that I don’t know nearly enough about Access Services- but I’m looking forward to learning from her blog.

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