RSS to Web Page: Tool Output Examples (Updated with two more tools)

Update, 1/17/2006:

Added RSS Scrollbox Widget and RSS Ticker Widget.

Thank you, DigiZen!


I could’ve sworn that I’d seen a site that shows the same feed presented in a number of different RSS-to-Web-Page tools, but I can’t find it…so I made one with the feed from this blog.

Click here to see it.

I have my own opinions about which ones I like better than others, but I’d be grateful to hear yours- so please leave a comment.

10 thoughts on “RSS to Web Page: Tool Output Examples (Updated with two more tools)

  1. My 2 cents–I like Feed2JS and Grazr…and FeedSweep, though I haven’t been very successful with getting FeedSweep to recognize PubMed feeds, for example. Feedo Style is definitely the worst of the bunch. Feed2JS has some weird rendering problems in IE7 (and earlier IE versions) with PubMed feeds, too.

    Grazr seems to be able to handle everything easily, but of course, its look and feel are detriments if you are working on a site with style restrictions.

    Anyway, thanks again for putting this together, David!

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  3. Hi Rob.

    So far, I’m just demonstrating web-based tools. When I have more time to try them out, I hope to add similar solutions which one must host on one’s own server.