I’m in Library Journal!

The 1/15/2006 Library Journal blurbed about the poll I ran to invite others to suggest and vote for a replacement title for “librarian” after Alex Aiken, a Westminster council official and “former policy director for the Tories,” expressed to a conference of the Public Library Authorities his belief that “[t]he concept of the librarian has to change and perhaps a start would be to abolish the title itself, with its connotations of middle-aged conservatism.”

I’m of course tickled to be mentioned in Library Journal, but I wish it was for something that mattered a little more. Maybe if I ask very nicely, I can convince them that LibWorm is a story worth covering.

While we’re on the topic of LJ, be sure to check out Melissa Rethlefsen’s interview with Tim Spalding about LibraryThing.

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